The Official Launching of AMUA 2.0

The Second Round of the AMUA accelerator was officially Launched in Dodoma on the 17th of April 2019.

Hon Stella Ikupa and Dr.Hashina Begum conversating during the event

The day was packed with a diverse audience from Dodoma and other regions across the country. There was a great representation of the government of Tanzania; Ranging from Members of Parliament, representatives from the Prime Minister’s office and members from the Ministry of Health. But most importantly, the launching was honored by the very important guest of the day, the Honorable Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labor, Employment, Youth, and the Disabled Hon. Stella Ikupa.

The audience was also teamed with representatives from the University of Dodoma, Innovators from Parrot AI, and LAI digital agency. Furthermore, there was a representation of persons with disability from their respective groups such as SHIVYAWATA.

With such an audience, the event was a great success. It was very engaging and very insightful.

Starting with four champions of the AMUA accelerator phase one, they all told their stories. The concepts there were proving and how far they reached.

Maisha Package, Harakati za Lucy, Mkwawa Art Space and eShangazi were able to inspire and capture the attention of the audience in a different setting. This time around they were able to share numbers and real results, showcasing the people they’ve impacted. They didn’t end there, they further explained their challenges, their aspirations and where they are heading.

Listening to them share their journey as pioneers in The AMUA accelerator was proof and evident that forging toward the second round of the AMUA accelerator will be an impactful intervention.

The transition from Innovate for sexuality to Innovate for Disability.

The official challenge statements were then shared to the audience and it was very insightful as the audience engaged fiercely with energy and ownership of the project. This projected faith, passion and strong hope that the project will really bring impact to the community. The challenge statements were then refined and validated by stakeholders as follows:

  1. How might we ensure availability of correct sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information and education for parents and community at large on persons with disabilities?
  2. How might we ensure the service providers are empowered with the right knowledge and skills to better serve persons with disabilities?
  3. How might we bridge the communication gap between persons with disabilities and the rest of the community in relation to sexual reproductive health?
  4. How might we ensure access to friendly SRHr services for persons with disabilities?
  5. How might we enhance the understanding and implementation of policies, Laws, and guidelines that affect service provision to persons with disabilities?

With these challenge statements, the window of application for the second round of AMUA accelerator is officially opened. Please visit the AMUA website to apply.

Dr. Hashina Begum, the deputy representative from UNFPA addressed the public describing the intention of the UNFPA through the ICPD declaration. She claimed as there is a lot of positive changes from this declaration, there is still a lot that needs to be done. The Second round of

She declared, As UNFPA marks its 50th anniversary, it recommits to fulfill the Cairo Promise and accelerate efforts to deliver on the promise to ensure universal rights and choices for all.

Honorable Stella Ikupa gracefully launched the project with powerful sentiments and statements. She called out to youth and encouraged them to apply. Her words of wisdom reminded the persons with disabilities to avoid being bitter when the community addresses them with impolite names out of ignorance, but rather educate them on the right approach in addressing them.

The Minister’s presence brought value and a whole lot of meaning to the project launching at large. The government has indeed been very supportive of this endeavor.

Hon. Stella Ikupa addressing the audience

Way forward

The project will take off with community engagement in the regions across the country, these regions being: Southern Highlands Zone, Central Zone, Lake Zone, Northern Zone, Coastal Zone, and Isles zone. The community engagements will involve hackathons, info sessions, and media engagements.

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